Johan Prinsloo
Date of Admission: 2012-01-13
Date of Membership: 2012-01-23
Tel: 0129479320
Mobile: 0836424992
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Fields of Interest
  • Commercial Law
  • Contract Law
  • Delictual Law
  • Family Law
  • Insolvency Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Sports Law
  • General Practise
  • General Practise in civil matters
  • General Practise in family matters
  • General Practise in commercial matters
  • General Practise in litigation
  • Administrative Law
  • Arbitration Law
My Information

1. Civil trials - In both High Court and Magistrates's Court;
2. Unopposed and opposed divorces matters;
3. Matrimonial matters pending divorce inclusive of urgent applications;
4. Unopposed and opposed eviction applications; (both under Prevention of Illegal Eviction and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act as well as  Extension of Security        of Tenure Act)
5. Panel of The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa - (GENERAL COMMERCIAL PANEL AND MEDIATION PANEL);
6. Unopposed and opposed urgent applications.




Address: Club Advocates Chambers 30 Pinaster Avenue Hazelwood, Pretoria